Meet Floyd

Floyd Bumpers, Jr., Counselor, MSW, LISW

Professional Experience

With more than ten years of experience of intervening with troubled youth, helping resolve marriages, participating in legal interventions for families and advocating for the welfare of children, Floyd’s background is rich with the knowledge to support you in what you are going through.

Floyd’s Story

Floyd started Hope Connection Counseling & Therapy with a dream and memory in mind. Having lived in a home with his mother and her abusive boyfriend, Floyd grew up in an unsafe and broken environment until the compassionate intervention of others.

One day, when arriving at school with a torn coat, it became evident that Floyd was living under abusive conditions. In spite of his efforts to defend his mother, caring adults were able to step in on his behalf. Through the creative efforts of a social worker, Floyd was able to leave a harmful environment and instead attend a boarding school.

Finding refuge at his new school, Floyd always remained grateful for the efforts of the social worker and the impact she had on his life. Inspired by his own story, Floyd has dedicated his career towards giving back. Like those who helped him, Floyd also seeks to help improve the lives of others for the better.

“You were created for a purpose.  Never settle for less than God’s very best for your life.”  -Floyd Bumpers, Jr.


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